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Victim Mindset

While feeling stuck seems like a hopeless experience and can make it hard to make forward, at some level, "stuck" is a choice we make when we refuse to act, like when you judge yourself for being stuck in a crummy job, but you choose not to try some of the tools that would help you find a better one.

"For people who hold a victim mentality, it seems like sinking into negativity is easier than trying to save yourself, and you may even force this mindset onto other people. At its core, a victim mindset is rooted in trauma, distress, and pain most of the time. When you experience a traumatic situation, typically at the hands of other people, you may learn that you are helpless and that nothing you do in the future is going to make any difference. This leads you to feel vulnerable and afraid, and in turn, you choose not to take responsibility or place blame on other people and make excuses even when there are actions you could take."

Please read more about this, and if it rings true for you, consider how this mentality itself might be contributing to where you are in life. Again, this isn't a judgment, but a way to shift your perspective to a life that is more powerful.

Here is more food for thought:


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