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Taking a Time Out

Creating a space for YOU

I want you to create a cozy corner for yourself, in the midst of your busy life and home.

Somewhere that your family can catch you reading, writing, drawing, listening to music (maybe on headphones), just being. Where they can SEE you take twenty minutes to yourself to rest. Where they will (eventually) learn to just let you be quiet for a few moments.

If your house is at all like ours, you are constantly rushing around picking up, cooking, cleaning or working.

If you teach yourself and your family that your cozy corner is a spot for relaxing, creating and contemplating ALONE, and that alone time is GOOD, maybe it will encourage them to respect your boundaries and need to recharge.

Create a Cozy Corner

1. A place to sit- You should choose somewhere comfortable. A cushy, comfy chair. Maybe even an armchair by a fireplace or window or tree (if outdoors).

2. A throw pillow to "up" your comfort-factor.

3. A place to put down your drink- Whether it’s your morning coffee or a glass of wine, you need to have somewhere within arm’s reach to set down your mug/glass. This could be a table or an armchair drink rest or a stool.

4. A throw blanket- This isn’t a must have, but it sure makes a cozy corner much more cozy. Choose something soft and fluffy for the winter months and something light and perhaps made of cotton for the summer.

5. A place to put up your feet- If your seating option doesn’t include room to put up your feet, make sure you grab a pouf or ottoman or footstool. This isn’t the time to be sitting all posture-perfect. Let your hair down, put your feet up.

Here is some inspiration.

I want you to create a YOU corner, and then use it for at least 20 minutes a day for the next few days afterward. Notice how you feel.


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