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Is your heart heavy with stress, sadness or worry?

Are you arguing a lot with your friends, partner or family?

Are you feeling stressed out by school, work or other responsibilities?

Are you feeling pressured to be someone you're not?


Are you having a hard time connecting with friends?


Do you struggle to find someone you want to date or to decide if your partner is right for you?

Sometimes, we get stuck in a "problem loop". Understanding how thoughts, feelings and actions interact, you can change negative beliefs that are stressing you out and make lasting changes that improve your life.


  • Identify your problems so that we can find solutions

  • Identify what is working so that we can repeat successes

  • Define your goals so that you can get clear about what you want

  • Specify a plan of action so that you know what to do next

  • Work on negative beliefs and bad habits so that you can open up to a life that works

  • Evaluate your progress so that you can celebrate it


Want to know how to make the best decisions about choosing a romantic partner – or even close friendships? I can support your growth in:

  • Having conversations that matter most

  • Discovering your relationship compatibility

  • Being value-led instead of feeling-led

  • Uncovering bad habits, and make better ones

  • Finding happiness within so you can celebrate instead of sabotage your relationships

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