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Mind Full of Associations

Mindful Associations- SOM

S- Scent. Scent is our earliest memory. We can use scents to evoke positive or negative memories and their associated emotions. Take a scent. Prime it to a positive association in your environment, i.e. use it when you are thinking about or doing something pleasant.

Eg. You loved the smell of Mom's fresh-baked bread in the morning? Consider tossing some bread in the toaster when you are feeling "off".

Or, use the same lotion on your kid after bath time. Next time you are off on a solo trip, pack some lotion to smell when you miss them.

O- Object that reminds you of family or fun times. Something you can carry in your pocket.

Eg. Carry a child's toy, a rock from your garden in your pocket the next time you give a presentation. See how having that item close and touching it reduces anxiety.

M- Music. Pick a song that is upbeat and enjoyable and get in the habit of playing it when you are gearing up for a stressful event like a doctor's appt or procedure.


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