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I See

I see you,

behind your veil of sadness behind your hair behind that wall erected all those years ago to protect the world from your feelings.

How’s that working for you now? Does staying small and hiding meet your needs?

Do you shrink at the slightest opportunity to be a real person with real feelings, to be authentic in the face of great sorrow and great joy?

Do you let the world pass by peeking safely through the inevitable cracks formed through years of chipping away but never fully through your fortress of invisibility?

Do your fears that mask the sadness allow you to follow your dreams, or do they keep you tied up, wondering if things will ever change if you always stay the same, until one day someone says without fear or hesitation, with love in their eyes, I See You.

I see the beauty you think you hide, I see the depth of your sadness, that great well of your collective tears bottled for generations, I see your joys in the lines of your face carved from peering through the cracks.

Be free. Take my hand and together we will tear down your wall piece by piece, day by day, until all the world sees is You.


Author: Ashley Barnes


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