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Do you live to work or work to live?

Is the way you spend your time each day a reflection of how you answered that question?

“Play, in almost any form, has myriad benefits for adults. It reduces stress through

self-care, improves feelings of optimism, builds psychological flexibility, etc.

Despite play’s decreasing importance in our results-driven culture, researchers

continue to find evidence for the power of play in almost every domain.

Adults tend to stop playing either because they consider it “childish” or because

they become consumed with adult responsibilities like careers, childcare, and

relationships. But despite these conflicts, all of the domains that seemingly

preclude play can actually benefit from it.”

Find time to play, today, without expectations.

Need ideas? Here are 24 free ones.

1. Use chalk to draw a story or leave a message for people on the sidewalk.

2. After it rains, stomp and splash together in the puddles that the storm left behind.

3. Write a play based on your favorite story.

4. Make a sculpture out of recycled materials.

5. Dress in fancy clothes.

6. Have a jump rope contest.

7. Draw a crazy scribble and give it to someone to make a picture out of. Or, make a bunch of doodles together with someone and then make up stories about them.

8. Find an ordinary (or extraordinary) object and look at it closely: examine every detail. See what new details you notice.

9. In the car or on a walk, look for the letters A-Z on signs or license plates.

10. Try to find shapes in the environment around you (squares, triangles, circles).

11. Play your favorite music and have a dance party!

12. Create a collage or vision board out of old papers from newspapers, magazines, or maps.

13. Read together; change the storyline or ending of a familiar book/story to see who notices first what you changed.

14. Next time you’re cooking, take a close look at what’s inside fruits and vegetables you cut open. What do you notice?

15. Add a cup of dish soap to a gallon of water, swirl it around and go outside to blow bubbles! Can you make a bubble with your hands?

16. Try to sing an entire conversation, instead of speaking.

17. Go on a walk around your neighborhood turning left at every cross street to see where you end up.

18. Have a “serious contest”. Stare at each other, and try not to smile or laugh.

19. Draw a picture of a creature you imagine. What would you call it?

20. See how many different sounds you hear when you are sitting outside.

21. Make a card for a neighbor or friend you haven’t seen in a while

22. Take a new way to work or when you run an errand and notice what you see along the way.

23. Plan a date for you.

24. Eat dessert first.

25. Your turn....


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