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A phone app to help you drink responsibly?

I know what you're thinking.... How fun does this sound? But seriously, folks, I love when I find someone using technology for GOOD.

Enter It aims to help you cut back or even quit drinking. It uses chat rooms, psychological tools and time-tested ways to help you reach your goals. These include:

MONITORING YOUR DRINKING All of the following are FREE to all users:

  • Take an alcohol test to determine how your drinking compares to the norm

  • Set a moderate drinking goal or decide on sobriety, and use drink tracker to track your drinks against your limits

  • See your streak of sticking with both your weekly and daily drinking limits (watch your streak go up over time!)

  • Make a pledge to stop drinking alcohol for a certain number of days and track your sobriety

UNDERSTANDING YOUR DRINKING Members who subscribe have access to Insights on their drinking that include:

  • Their drinking over past weeks and months

  • Their urges to drink over past weeks and months

  • The triggers that lead them to drink

  • The strategies that help them avoid excessive drinking

  • The benefits of sticking with their sobriety or moderation goals, in their own words

  • The downsides of excessive drinking

LEARNING FROM OTHERS’ SUCCESS Through Community Insights, they enable members to learn from thousands of others in the community. All those who enable Community Insights anonymously share the strategies that work for them and the benefits of sticking with their goals, to inspire others. Any member who enables Community Insights can peruse the list for inspiration at any time.

LEARNING SKILLS TO CHANGE YOUR HABITS All users can try 17 exercises for FREE. Members who subscribe have access to our full library of over 100 chat-based exercises to help them stay motivated to stop drinking or cut back on drinking, deal with urges to drink, and confront the anxiety and depression that often lead to drinking.

JOINING A GROUP FOR SUPPORT AND ADVICE They match you with an anonymous group of 20-30 people with similar past drinking habits so you can provide a network of mutual support through a chat in Drinker’s Helper. You can:

  • Answer weekly prompts to give each other advice on what works to quit drinking or cut back on drinking

  • Support each other when you need help

There are FREE and paid subscription versions. I tried it myself and have been impressed how much more mindful I am about my alcohol consumption. And, no, I don't get any money for suggesting you check this out for yourself.


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