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Too Much of a Good Thing: Heavy Drinking and Relationships

As you probably know, excessive alcohol use can dramatically affect all relationships. The greatest collateral damage is often to committed relationships, from intimacy issues, mistrust, a lack of communication to abuse, lack of emotional availability to financial burden and the adverse effects on children. SO many areas of the relationship can take a hit, including:

  • Trust

  • Stability

  • Affection

  • Expectations

  • Commitment

  • Shared values

  • Respect

Heavy drinking is linked to a lack of boundaries in relationships as well as abusive behavior. Even small amounts of alcohol can alter one's personality, sometimes making them unrecognizable from the person they were before they started drinking, now full of excuses and blame to mask feelings of isolation and resentment.

Drinking behavior has changed during the pandemic. People are feeling more isolated and frustrated than ever. Our lovely valley is full of grape-full solutions. We have to remember that what we put in our bodies makes a big difference in how we deal with stress.

There is no shame in recognizing you need help. Reach out to someone if you are struggling to control what's in your cup. Here is just one way to get support.

You are not alone.


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