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Adult ADHD

Updated: Jan 10, 2022

Unpacking the clutter

"Most adults who seek an evaluation for ADHD experience significant problems in one or more areas of living. The following are some of the most common problems:

  • Inconsistent performance in jobs or careers; losing or quitting jobs frequently

  • History of academic and/or career underachievement

  • Poor ability to manage day-to-day responsibilities, such as completing household chores, maintenance tasks, paying bills or organizing things

  • Relationship problems due to not completing tasks

  • Forgetting important things or getting upset easily over minor things

  • Chronic stress and worry due to failure to accomplish goals and meet responsibilities

  • Chronic and intense feelings of frustration, guilt or blame"

Here are some links related to your concern for ADHD. Whomever you choose as part of your assessment and treatment team, make sure they are experienced with ADHD as well as ruling out other conditions and working with any other current health issues and treatment.

You might start your process of discovery by using the self-screening tools below and contacting your primary care provider for an appointment to discuss your options, or by contacting your insurance provider to be directed to a psychiatrist. Wait times can vary, so I have included some alternative resources.

Below are some self-assessments for your own reflection. These are not official diagnostic tools, but may be helpful to you.


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