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Real Love LGBTQ+ Teen Healthy Dating Group


“When it comes to LGBTQ+ kids, for even the most affirming parents and confident teens, dating may seem more than they can handle. And what about teens who are just now exploring their sexuality or gender expression?” 

Help is here.

Unlike their peers, LGBTQ+ youth rarely grow up in households with parents who share their gender identity or sexual orientation. Because of this, they may not have seen examples of how to deal with additional dating challenges like stigma or discrimination while growing up. Also, LGBTQ+ youth do not often have examples of LGBTQ+ adult couples to look up to. 

Anyone can experience abuse in their relationships, and people who identify as LGBTQ+ are no different. Stigma and discrimination toward people who identify as LGBTQ+ can also contribute to isolation from dating or unhealthy relationships. 

People in LGBTQ+ relationships and non-LGBTQ+ relationships alike deserve safe and healthy dating relationships. In this group, I will use the term “LGBTQ+ relationships” to include different types of dating relationships. It includes relationships in which all partners identify as LGBTQ+, such as a relationship between two girls who identify as lesbian. It also includes relationships in which only one partner identifies as LGBTQ+, such as a relationship between a transgender woman and a cisgender man or a relationship between a bisexual man and a straight woman. 









Part 1 Topics

  • Self-awareness: acknowledging personal strengths, , weaknesses and blindspots, recognizing outside influences, finding role models and allies, clarifying values and goals, building healthy friendships, combatting peer pressure, managing moods and emotions.

  • The coming out process to a parent or potential dating partner. It's perfectly possible for an events, conversations, thoughts or feelings to somehow cause teens to realize they may identify as LGBTQ+, but no one can determine someone else's gender expression or sexual orientation.

  • Developing healthy romantic relationships: understanding attraction, exploring body image and building positive dating relationships.

  • Communication and conflict: seeing warning signs, taking time outs, fair fighting, problem-solving.

  • Break-ups and broken hearts: the problem with ghosting and how to heal and move on with confidence.


Part 2 Topics​

  • Pacing relationships: 411 on romance, intimacy and sex, setting boundaries, navigating risky situations, consent and refusal skills.

  • Problems and warnings: recognizing societal dating partner abuse, ways to exit safely.

  • Dealing with societal norms and discrimination.

  • Substance use and sexual health: special guest from the local medical community for Q&A about alcohol and drugs, STI's and pregnancy prevention and support. 

  • Social media: sexting realities and risks, recognizing trolls, the perils of online porn and discussing family, relationship agreements regarding using online platforms and social media.


Enrolling May 1, 2024

Space is limited

Appropriate for 13-18 year-olds who align as part of the LGBTQ+ community using evidenced-based curriculum

Gender and LGBTQ+ inclusive and safe

Weekly 60-90 minute sessions

6 session for each part*

*Part 1 and 2 sign-ups are separate


Sorry, parents. You're not invited, but we will encourage your teens to be open and honest with you.

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