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Wedding Venue


Lifetime partnership is choosing "your eating companion for about 20,000 meals, your travel companion for about 100 vacations, your primary leisure time and retirement friend, your career therapist, and someone whose day you'll hear about 18,000 times." (HuffPost 2014).


Many people invest a lot of time on getting the wedding day just right.

They may see the value in premarital counseling and coaching, but only know of options affiliated with a particular church or religion. They may buy one of those books with 100 premarital questions. 

I think a couple thinking about "shopping for rings" deserves to have a series of conversations that dive deeper and connect them as they plan the next chapter of their relationship.


I support you in:

  • Asking the right questions to inspire meaningful conversation with your partner.

  • Defining relationship values you can agree to live by.

  • Analyzing your partner's level of conscientiousness and character based on compatibility, relationships skills and patterns from family and previous relationships.

  • Resolving emotional "baggage" from previous relationships and your own families.

  • Opening your eyes to both problems and successes in your relationship.

  • Identifying and creating a plan for breaking bad habits.​

  • Increasing clarity and confidence in your decision to build a life together.

  • Defining expectations related to spousal roles and responsibilities.

  • Managing emotions.

  • Adopting a growth-mindset in communication and conflict. 


​I typically provide this support in one of these formats:

  • 10-12 weekly hour-long sessions (virtual or in person in Napa) includes activity worksheets

  • 6 weekly or bi weekly 2- hour-long sessions (virtual or in person in Napa) includes activity worksheets

*Go to coaching page to learn more, including about half-day intensives

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