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The qualities that stand out to me the most are professionalism, broad scope of knowledge and expertise, and [her] ability to see through an issue to the complex underlying influences. [Ms. Hampton's] ability to work within and between systems was impressive. [Her] grasp of the big picture within the organization and ability to navigate the often subtle political pressures internally and within the community were appreciated. Above all, [her] always present smile and positive attitude are infectious and one of the real strengths [she] bring[s] to team building efforts and to any task.

(former supervisor)

Jennifer is an engaging, vibrant professional. I had the pleasure of taking her class while I was a graduate student, and it was a wonderful experience. Her high quality curriculum brought the material to life with thought-provoking assignments and opportunities for getting out into the field.

(graduate student)

Hope is what inspired me to help mitigate unnecessary pain in as many lives that would listen, by sharing my experiences. Thanks for that priceless opportunity... I have a ways to go, but I'm in a much better place! I'm a firm believer in "you reap what you sow" And boy did you sow!!!

(class participant)

Note: None of the reviewers above were clinical or coaching clients of Jennifer Hampton. The above reviews were solicited by an agency, academic institution and the USAF respectively as a part of evaluation of employee and educational services rendered.  Each reviewer volunteered feedback.


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